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Ireland House lets you see what price residential properties sold for anywhere in Ireland.

What we offer

Historical Database
Ireland House Historical Database enables efficient searching for residential properties that have been sold over the last decade. Ireland House Historical Database features enhanced filter and sorting criteria to make it easy for you to find the information that you are looking for.

Sale Price Map
Take a look on the Ireland House Sale Price Map to see map locations for sold residential properties. We show property sale prices for anywhere in Ireland on the map, going back as far as year 2010.

Ireland House Sale Price Map features a street view which provides additional information showing the surrounding areas where properties were sold.

Ireland House Sale Price Map generates dynamic average area sale prices as you move around the map. You can see if a property was sold above or below the average area sale price. You can also review average area prices for previous years.

IH Sale Statz
IH Sale Statz provides detailed metrics and sale statistics with a breakdown of sales volume and prices for each county in Ireland. IH Sale Statz plots property sale prices over time on a variety of different graphs, including 1 Year, 5 year and 10 year graphs, for both new build and pre owned properties.

IH Sale Statz also has the ability to adjust sale prices in-line with monetary inflation. This can be useful when comparing sale prices from many years ago to more recent sale prices.

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